Discover the Luminello DNA

Who we are

Luminello was founded in 2012 by Sven Algoet.

I have been active in the sector for more than 30 years and am the driving force behind the company. I keep my hands full with the development and design of the products, as well as marketing and sales. I will help you with your project with enthusiasm and drive.

Handcrafted in Italië

 This is how we make a difference compared to the many manufacturers who move their production to Asia to produce their products with cheap raw materials. Luminello chooses to work with local craftsmen, their years of experience are our quality guarantee. Working with durable materials such as brass and porcelain also guarantees a long lifespan and a unique patina.


We invested in a new workplace in 2022. Our offices are energy neutral, heating and cooling we do with self-generated green energy. When visiting our concept store, you can charge your electric car at our own charging station.

Concept store

A place where you can discover our story and collections, where we help you further with your project. The concept store was built with experienced Belgian partners such as Niko, Robu Furniture, Art Sound and Atelier Vierkant. For the artwork, we collaborated with Wim Vandersleyen.

Low maintenance

After oxidizing the lighting, we apply a transparent varnish layer, which allows the lighting to be polished with lukewarm soapy water. Do not use caustic products, they can damage the protective layer.

We treat the outdoor lighting with a natural polishing wax, which will add extra patina to the fixture.


All references are available from stock in our large warehouse in Eke. If you order via a Luminello ambassador, we guarantee short delivery times.